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Kids Run for Kids is a fundraising event that first started in 2015, and held consecutively over 5 years, through 2019.   It was a spring time event held in the morning on the last Saturday of April at the beautiful Brookside Park in Ames, IA.  It was a refreshing start to each year.   An opportunity to get children and families active again in the outdoors.   The events focus consisted of 4 runs: 4K, 3K, 2K, and 1K.  Also providing opportunity to participate in pre and post runs games and activities.

In 2020, the event was postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic.  

This year in 2021, we start a new beginning, with event scheduled in early fall, on last Sunday afternoon of September.

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Goals and Objectives

Kids Run for Kids (KRK)
Goals, Objectives, Beneficiaries, & Overview



GOALS for Kids Run for Kids
("distant stars toward which we strive"):


1.  Goal #1   Every child and teen in Story County will have a positive image of law enforcement officers.

2.  Goal #2   Every child in Story County will start kindergarten ready and eager to read.

3.  Goal #3   The health of children in Story County, and beyond, will be improved.



OBJECTIVES for Kids Run for Kids
(specific actions in support of reaching the Goals):


1.  To raise funds in support of Goal #1 (40%), Goal #2 (40%), and Goal #3 (20%) of net proceeds.

2.  To organize a running event specifically for Story County kids (and their families) to encourage them to become runners for life; thus improving kid’s physical health.

3.  To organize a morning of family activities for Story County kids to strengthen kids’ emotional health.



Beneficiaries to Receive a Share of Kids Run for Kids Net Proceeds:

Goal #1:  Ames Police, Boone Police, Story City Police, Nevada Police (40%)

Goal #2:  Early childhood literacy programs in Boone & Story County, (40%)

Goal #3:  The Rotary Foundation's Polio eradication program (12%),

     Clubfoot Solutions (8% to buy braces for the Ponseti correction method)



Overview of Kids Run for Kids


  1. It will be held (rain or shine) for the sixth time at Brookside Park, Ames, on Sunday afternoon, September 26th, 2021 from 12:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

  2. Four runs (runs not races) will be held:  1K, 2K, 3K, and 5K.  The 5K will start at 1:00pm; the 3K at 1:15pm; the 2K at 1:30pm; and the 1K at 1:45pm.  Each run will be lead by Run leader, and followed by a Run trailer.  Each run route is safe, on paved paths through the beautiful Brookside Park, and does not interface with any vehicular traffic.

  3. The event will include many family-friendly games and activities such as: a nine (9) hole miniature golf course, croquet, ring toss, bean-bag toss, literacy games with prizes, etc.  Also present will be a police patrol car, fire truck, ambulance and bookmobile with their staffs.

  4. The event is designed for “Kids” from 12 days old through 12 years old and their family members.

  5. We strongly encourage older family members to run with the kid.

  6. The event is organized and operated by the Ames Morning Rotary Club.

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